Dubai Floating Consumer Store; new activity

introduced by Dubai Economic Development with 43 other new business activities

Dubai Floating Consumer Store - Dubai Economic Development
Dubai Floating Consumer Store - Dubai Economic Development

DED adds a new business activity “Dubai floating consumer store”

The Business Registration & Licensing (BRL) sector in the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai, added 44 new business activities, comprising the “Dubai floating consumer store”, across a number of sectors in first 10 months of 2018 following the tracked local market needs, supply and demand in those vital sectors.

The move, which is part of DED’s efforts to facilitate business for licensees and enable them to respond to market needs, will promote business development and healthy competition among businesses in Dubai and the UAE.

The new activities cover various specialised business sectors in Dubai, and include the “Dubai floating consumer store.” The activity will enable stores to sell beverages, light food, gifts, newspapers, magazines, and personal items, in a fixed location along the beach or while en-route on trips.

The “Dubai floating customer store” will add to the convenience of both tourists and visitors to beaches, while enabling docked boats and those on their journey the option to provide a retail experience. The activity is suited for the provision and transport of quality consumables.

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Marwan Al Marzouky, Senior Manager of Activities Classification section in BRL, said:

Our team is constantly evaluating market needs, gathering views and suggestions from license holders as well as those looking to start their business in Dubai where there are always changes and new developments.

The decision to add new activities is also an extension of Dubai’s ongoing efforts to facilitate licensing for limited liability companies and develop BRL services in general. It will have a positive impact on private sector growth and ensure that license holders can reap further benefits by eliminating obstacles for entrepreneurs who have new business ideas, and thus create more jobs.

DED has a directory of economic activities, which explains the procedures and guidelines governing business activity in Dubai. A ready reference, the guide provides information on business activity, licenses, registration, company establishment, legal forms, as well as procedures to be followed for site relocation, change of manager and license freeze. A set of frequently asked questions is also included for the benefit of businesses and investors, especially those looking to move to Dubai.