Maison Clad Lingerie store opens in Dubai

new retail and fashion concept by Maison Clad Dubai: 100% Made in Europe

maison clad lingerie dubai
Maison Clad Lingerie Dubai - New retail and fashion concept

Maison Clad Lingerie: new retail and fashion concept by Maison Clad

After 3 beautiful locations, Maison Clad Dubai opens its new boutique offering Lingerie 100% Made in Europe.

Coralie once again brings her unique touch to the Dubai fashion scene with her new boudoir. The Maison Clad Lingerie space has been designed as a real girly and cocooning space, in order to welcome Maison Clad clients as real family members.

maison clad lingerie dubai
Maison Clad Lingerie Dubai – 100% Made in Europe

Lingerie is really hard to find in Dubai, especially when you look for something different with a good quality point. That’s why the idea came across a few months ago: why don’t we extend our offer? After the ready-to-wear, accessories and sportswear: we are now ready for a new challenge with Maison Clad Lingerie! said Coralie.

Lingerie is the first thing that a woman puts on her skin before starting her day: this is the masterpiece of a look, and for that she needs to feel comfortable. Also, the recent lockdown has revealed a new mindset for each of us: Comfort & Liberty! So our new offer will include Lingerie but also homewear and swimwear pieces.

The Maison Clad Lingerie Collection will be showcased at the Collective by Ripe, Courtyard in Al Quoz (backside) with prices ranging from AED 100 to AED 1200.

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About Coralie Francois-Dolidon, Owner & Founder of Maison Clad

maison clad lingerie dubai
Maison Clad Dubai – Coralie François

After studying business studies in her home country in Belgium, Coralie moved to Paris to develop her intense passion for fashion where she did a master in fashion management and worked for the French designer Agnès B. as a product manager and buyer. She arrived in Dubai 5 years ago and she started working for Altayer as a buyer in luxury for Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga. In 2016, she decided to create her own fashion concept with Maison Clad – Fashion Trotter.

About Maison Clad Fashion Trotter

Maison Clad presents an immaculate collection of designers on the rise from all around the world, from Karavan Clothing with arty pieces to Lurv with classy and elegant sporty style. From RTW to Sportswear: Maison Clad spots unique pieces for every women & taste: because Maison Clad is all about women!

Clothing & Sportswear designers: Nathalie Fordeyn, Faubourg 54, Marilyn Feltz, Opullence, Capsule Collection by Juliette, Scarlet Roos, Les Barrés, Karavan Clothing, Cristina Beautiful Life, Ananmnesi. Lurv.

Accessory designers: Les Tatillonnes, Elise Tzikis, Médecine Douce.

Lingerie, Homewear & Swimwear designers: Love stories, Oserée, Watercult, Nénés Paris , Olly Paris, Icône Lingerie, Spanx, Cucu La Praline, La Nouvelle, Atelier Louis.