Versace Eros Flame, the new Fragrance for men

a fragrance for a strong, passionate, self-confident man in touch with his emotions

Versace Eros Flame
Versace Eros Flame - New Fragrance For Men

Versace Eros Flame strikes you right through the heart

Versace Eros Flame bears an important message for new generations about the dignity of love and the power of diversity.

It is a fragrance for a strong, passionate, self-confident man who is deeply in touch with his emotions.

He simultaneously perceives present feelings and savors the eternal scent of true love, transporting us from the real world to a mythological universe, the home of heroes who transform their imperfections into strengths.

The spark of true love is the dream that each of us pursues. True love captures the soul, body, and mind and never lets you go. It takes your breath away because without your beloved, you no longer feel complete. True love consumes everything in an eternal flame of passion.

Donatella Versace

The Bottle

Versace Eros Flame is fiery red, intense and masculine, to unequivocally recall the passion of love.

The Medusa at the center of the bottle and the Greek key motif place the fragrance at the heart of the Versace universe and are the mythological custodians of its precious content.

Standing out at the center, in gold, is: VERSACE EROS FLAME.

The Medusa, a recurrent iconic symbol of Versace, is a precious jewel-like seal fused in gold on the cap, representing a power that surpasses the confines of time.

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The Fragrance and Olfactive Family: Hesperidic – Amber – Woody

Cold and hot. Sweet and spicy. Light and shadow. The olfactory notes of Versace Eros Flame are characterized by strong contrasts in which the most noble and elegant ingredients enrich and enhance one another. The head notes are particularly vivacious. Fresh, juicy Italian hesperidic fruits such as lemon, tangerine and bitter orange are warmed with notes of black pepper from Madagascar and enveloped in aromatic wild rosemary.

Versace Eros Flame
Versace Eros Flame – Fragrance

Through an olfactory wave of pepperwood, geranium and rose facets, we reach the base notes where precious woods such as Texas cedar, patchouli cœur, Haitian Vétiver, mountain oak moss accord and sandalwood subtly blend to create a soft and sensuous roundness with the Tonka bean that perfectly intermingles with vanilla.

Versace Eros Flame is a persistent and enveloping fragrance that is simultaneously masculine, an ode to passion and a celebration of sensuous rapture.

The Packaging and Bath Line

The box echoes the distinctive elements of the bottle: the Medusa and Greek key motif give the vibrant fiery red background an unmistakably masculine touch.

Versace Eros Flame
Versace Eros Flame – Packaging and Bath Line

The bath line is composed of After Shave Lotion and After Shave Balm, Deodorant Spray and Deodorant Stick, as well as a Bath & Shower Gel. These luxury body care products for daily use leave the skin soft and delicately scented, creating an immediate and lasting sensation of well-being.

The Advertising Campaign

The images of the advertising campaign go straight to the heart and encourage an important change in the classic perception of beauty, rewriting the story of Eros in a new and unprecedented edition focused on the theme of diversity.

The new image of Versace Eros Flame proposes the sudden love between a man and a woman, played by the beautiful Gigi Hadid, both in a Versace throw.


The commercial offers us a vision of the laboratory of Versace Eros Flame. The fragrance seems created by small tear-like drops of various essences. They are tears of love from a story that has lasted thousands of years and is tied to desire.

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